Debut book release!

Aikido as Transformative and Embodied Pedagogy:
Teacher as Healer

Foreword by Tobin Hart, PhD

from Palgrave Macmillan 2019
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“This book makes a significant contribution to the field of contemplative education in showing how Aikido is a powerful form of embodied inquiry.” Jack Miller, Professor of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at University of Toronto, Canada

“Gordon presents a compendium of essays, brilliantly expounding major concepts that squarely (should) belong to educational discourse, such as curriculum of self-cultivation, pedagogy of love as practice, primacy of suffering, developmental trauma, fear of living or life anxiety, overcoming of narcissism, practice of inter-relationship, and psychospiritual realization.” Heesoon Bai, Professor of Philosophy of Education, Simon Fraser University, Canada

“There are a ton of treasures in this book. It challenges us to integrate our ontological, epistemological perspectives with incorporating and cultivating ki for the capacity of connecting with each other, nature and the universe.” Jing Lin, Professor of International Education Policy, University of Maryland, USA